Offers and facilities

Here you can find our top tips for planning your visit to the Basilique cathédrale of Saint-Denis  ! 

Tour offers

> Self-guided tours with free leaflets in French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Polish, Czech and Dutch (Length of visit: 1 hour).

Free booklets for children. 

No booking required.

> Guided tours 

Wish to visit the royal necropolis with a guide? Come and join us for free guided tours for individuals.

Guided tours take place daily in French (approx. 1½ hours) at 11am. and 3pm (Monday to Saturday) and 12.30 and 3pm. (Sunday).

Guided tours in English will exceptionally take place on the following days at 2:30pm :
- February 24
- March 23
- April 24

No booking required.

N.B. The tours may be cancelled at short notice due to closure or for technical or staffing reasons. In busy periods, the number of people may be limited. 

Enquiries on 01 48 09 83 54.

> Tour-lectures in French on the first and third Fridays of every month at 2.30 p.m. with a guide from the Centre des Monuments Nationaux. 


Tel: 01 44 54 19 30

Email: visites-confé     

Including lecture: €14.50

Check out the tour programme for individuals by clicking here


> Self guided tours with or without a guide: booking required (if not, admission may be refused or delayed):
Tel: 01 49 21 14 87

> Tour-lectures in French or other languages:
enquiries on 01 44 54 19 33 or  

> Audio tours: 
enquiries on 01 48 09 83 54 or at

Specific public

> Tour for visitors in a wheelchair, visitors with Developmental or Learning Disabilities or visually-impaired visitors.

> Self guided tours: booking is strongly recommended to help us serve you better: 01 48 09 83 54 or

> Guided tours: 01 48 09 83 54 or

> Booking required for tours in French sign language: 01 44 54 19 33

Booklet guide

Facilities and visit comfort

> From October to April conditions can be chilly inside the monument and so we advise visitors to dress warmly. 

> Nine steps to enter the royal necropolis, 15 steps to enter the crypt and 15 steps to enter the upper choir.

> No dogs except for guide dogs for visually-impaired visitors

> Rest area

> Toilets

  • Toilettes Restroom


> Two parking spaces for disabled visitors 50 metres from the monument. If reserved in advance, one vehicle may be able to park within the Basilica grounds.

> Access for disabled visitors: 70% of the tour circuit is accessible when accompanied by a monument guide. The crypt can be accessed (max. four disabled visitors at once). Access to the upper choir is not possible (15 steps).

> Audio induction loop: loop at the ticket office reception and audio guide.

> French sign language: visio-guide. Commentary in French sign language and French text. Fee applies.

> For visually-impaired visitors: audio guide. Fee applies.

> Specially-adapted tours are available for visitors with Developmental or Learning Disabilities - booking required.

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