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Saint-Denis Basilica guided tour

23 July 2022  > 20 August 2022 Visites spécifiques , Famille

Our English speaking guide will take you on a trip through the History of French royalty, funeral art and Gothic architecture.

You will discover the legend of St Denis, the cephalophore saint who carries his head. The visit will enable you to learn more about the development of the Church of Saint-Denis, from abbey to basilica and finally cathedral. Saint-Denis Basilica is known for its Gothic architecture dating from the 12th and 13th centu-ries.

A visit in Saint-Denis Cathedral is also a journey through the evolution of funeral art. Saint-Denis choir gathers 70 recumbent figures and tombstones of kings, queens and princesses.

Your guided visit will end with the story of the basilica under the French Revolution and its restoration throughout the 19th century.


Saturday 23rd July, 2.30pm
Saturday 20th August, 2.30pm

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